Dental traumatology

A hit to the face can cause damage to the dental pulp (NERVE) of one or more teeth. Sometimes it may take months / years until symptoms appear ( mobility, spontaneous pain, abscess, grey tooth …) Therefore, a correct diagnosis and early treatment, will be determinant in the prognosis of these injuries.

Equally important are the follow-up of teeth involved in such accidents, performing periodic reviews, due to complications over time may occur.

The dentoalveolar injuries can range from a fractured enamel to the total output of the tooth from its socket (avulsión) and jaw bone fracture.

Treatment will depend on several factors: type of injury, degree of pulp involvement, level of root formation …, requiring in some cases a root canal treatment (endodontics) of the tooth affected.

In avulsions (total output of the tooth from its socket), are important factors:

– Time that the tooth has passed out of its socket
– Storage (the way of transport the tooth)
– Handling of the tooth and the socket.

Therefore, how to act and the elapsed time are key to the survival of these teeth considering their prognosis.

From EndoMálaga are some tips and guidelines to follow if you run into this type of accident:

Steps to take after an avulsion