Referral form

In the Endodontic Center EndoMálaga we thank you for trusting our team for perform root canal treatment of your patient, we will treat individually on a relaxed working environment.

We know when you refer a patient, ongoing communication between professionals is essential in providing the best possible treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or consultation. We will do that.

You can use our Referral form to let us know any important information on the medical history of the patient or the tooth (leave the canal prepared for post, crowns cemented provisionally, etc …)

When we finish root canal treatment, we send a detailed report of the same, and the subsequent follow up, informing him of the progress of each case. We inform as well the patient of the importance of go asap with his dentist to replace the temporary filling for a permanent one, as well as keeping appointments for regular follow up of EndoMálaga.

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