Why are you referal to Endomálaga?

Your dentist may sometimes refer you to our Endodontic Center for perform a evaluation or root canal treatment, retreatment or apical microsurgery of your tooth.

These treatments can be complicated for several agents, for these reasons your dentist is referring to a team of Endodontists.

An endodontist is a dentist who has dedicated at least two additional years of specialized training in this field, which has certain skills for diagnosis and treatment of pulpo-periapical disease (nerve and tissue supporting the teeth) and dentoalveolar trauma.

EndoMálaga team dedicate one hundred percent of their professional activity to endodontics.

Also, some require specific materials and appliances are required to perform these treatments (microscope, ultrasonic, micro instruments, irrigation …), so in our practice we have the latest technological advances in endodontics.

If you are a patient and you have doubts on whether to keep or remove your tooth, you are welcome to our practice.